Google is favouring the mobile version of websites. What should you do?

Google’s algorithm analyzes more than 200 variables to determine whether a website is relevant or not for those looking for answers to a question.

It turns out that before it was much more important to have a good SEO to be able to rise in the Google ranking. Now, as of May 2021, an important factor will be the user experience (UX).

The importance of developing first for mobile

The probability of an eCommerce store selling to someone with a mobile device is 64% higher than for someone with a desktop. It makes a lot of sense in your company’s marketing strategy to think about developing first for mobile users.

On mobile we have some limitations mainly of space, the screen is small, you can not put so much information, so the idea is to have a mobile version of your website. 1 second longer than it takes to load content is a 7% less chance of selling.

Therefore it’s obvious that developing for mobile-first pays for itself in the short term if we are talking about an eCommerce site.

So things to avoid on mobile development are very long texts, objects too close to each other, unnecessary decorations, very large images that take a long time to load. Prioritize the simple and get straight to the point.

How to Measure Core Web Vitals

Click here and enter your website’s URL, it can be your home or any other page on your website. After the analysis, the system will present you with data on the page loading speed and suggestions for optimization.

If your score on mobile is bad you are at serious risk of falling in the Google ranking.