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And so we offer a Copywriting Marketplace to busy owners so they don’t need to waste time finding freelancers and can focus on their business.

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Copywriting that plays by your rules

Our model is simple and straightforward. Simply choose what you want and you’ll get it. No need for monthly payments!

We’re a collective of trusted copywriters and growth hackers. Say goodbye to scrolling freelance websites and hello to great work, at fair prices. The smart way to do organic growth marketing, from the people who know it best.

If you have special needs and haven’t found what you’re looking for in the marketplace. Make an appointment in our schedule and we will make a call with you to understand your needs.

How it works

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Fill in the details of the text you want us to write. Give us some details so we’ll properly understand what you want.

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Choose what you want and the conditions that will suit your needs. Type of text, where it will be used …


Our professional team of freelance copywriters will work hard to meet your needs.

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Let us do the hard work for you

Writing text is hard. Writing SEO optimised text is VERY HARD.

That’s why we created ContentPRO. If you’re an SME, you have two options, either write your own text or search for freelancers online. Either option requires a lot of time and dedication and the results sometimes fall short of expectations.



Simply buy what you need, when you need it

Quick content

Choose between different levels of delivery, if there is a lot of urgency a professional will be dedicated to meeting your demand.

Different topics

Our platform has many creative professionals who are experts in various topics. Definitely there will be someone with experience in your subject.

Different languages

You can have unique content created in your preferred language. Additionally, you can choose to publish your text in multiple languages with our easy and scalable translations.

Control costs

There is no setup fee, no monthly fee and you only pay for the texts you approve. You determine the quality and length of your article and only pay for what you order.


Save time

Your content order is processed via our easy-to-use platform You don’t have to search for a single author anymore! We do the hard work for you!


Boost your SEO

Add your target keywords to your order and our authors will do the rest. We’ll write you unique text so Search engines will reward you with better rankings.

Our Clients

Want to know what our clients think?

I needed texts that would help the SEO for my website's Blog when I found ContentPRO. Using the system was simple and fast, the texts were created on time and with excellent quality. Great cost / benefit! I advise for any company or professional.

Hauke Vaght


Working with ContentPRO was very simple and the texts were of excellent quality. I bought some texts to put on the Blog of the website of my shirt brand. The impact on my SEO was immediate, with an increase in visitors to the site over a few months.

Guilherme Diniz

CEO, Bastards Fashion